Green Impact Resources

Welcome to Queen's Green Impact Resource Bank!

Here are some "how to..." guides on getting started in Green Impact: 

Green Impact Programme- Getting Started

Migrating evidence from last year's workbook to active workbook

Use the Green Impact workbook


Checklists, templates and action plans that will help you meet the different criteria in the workbook: 

Energy Action Plan 

Equipment Responsibility Plan template

Lighting and Equipment Management Plan 

Listing your five most significant environmental impacts 

SMART Action planning template

Vacation shut down template  

Environmental Induction Guidance and Template

Waste Log for Printer and Toner Cartridges

Business Miles template

Catering Energy Lighting and Equipment Management Plan

Summer Action Plan for Green Impact Template 



Energy and Water use audit 

Biodiversity Audit



Green Impact Information 2015-2016

Communication- using Twitter

Procurement Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance

Green Impact Excellence Information 



A step by step video guide created by the QUB Chemistry Green Impact Team explaining how any lab can achieve a Bronze level award.


Below are a range of documents with readymade information that you can add to emails or create a poster for the noticeboard. 

Please feel free to use them and edit them to suit your needs...

Five Energy Saving Tips (B001)

Reducing waste tips (B014 B017 G008 G010)

Saving Water (S017)

Green Good News Poster (updated January 2015)

Biodiversity/EcoFriendly Friendly Products (S024)

Green Team CEM's Fairtrade information sheet (S025) 

Better World Books 

Water is Available here 

Sustainable Travel 

Video Conferencing 

Green Team CBMSE's Green Laboratory Guidelines Induction for Students Template 

If you have created any resources for Green Impact that could be useful to other teams, please email and it can be uploaded.