Green Impact Workbook 2016/17

The 2017-18 workbook is now live! 

Here are some of the key information including changes to the workbook that you should be aware of 

              Dates for the Diary    Scoring Methodology   

Moving Evidence       Key Changes               Updating Team Information


Dates for the Diary


September - Workbook is now Live

Thursday 21st September - Green Impact Workshop 


Friday 9th March - Workbook Submission Deadline 

20th & 21st March - Green Impact Audits

May - Green Awards (Location and Date to be confirmed)  

Scoring Methodology

There has been a small increase to the number of actions that teams need to complete to get each award level, these are as follows:

Working towards accreditation: have completed any action within the workbook
Bronze: have completed at least 20 of the 25 Bronze actions   
Silver: have reached Bronze standard and have completed at least 20 of the 25 Silver actions 
Gold: have reached Silver standard and have completed at least 20 of the 25 Gold actions  


Moving Evidence

If you would like to move evidence (comments, photos, documents) from last year’s workbook to this years  please check out our 'How to Guides' in the Green Impact Resources or contact 


Key Changes

This year there has been some changes to the workbook including an additional action and amendments to existing criteria.

New Criteria 

B022: All new staff are given an environmental introduction relevant to their area of work when they begin employment within the School/Department

B024: The team has a well-labelled and up-to-date Green Impact notice board, or significant section of a notice board, dedicated to communicating environmental issues.

B025: At least one member of the team has followed the Queen's University Environmental team  (@greenatqueens) on Twitter and Facebook. 

G003:  The team has analysed their department's business travel methods and has drawn up a sustainable travel plan which has been promoted to all colleagues and stored in an accessible place.

G012: The team has identified its main types of waste that are generated from the department and has identified how it can minimise these wastes, what re-use opportunities there are, and ensured there are appropriate facilities for recycling. One waste type will probably be paper and others may be food and plastic. Ensure this has been communicated to the rest of the department. 



Changed Criteria

SO12 - The team provides reusable cups and glasses for visitors to use in preference to disposable drinking cups/cones - replacing the stamp collections criteria from previous workbooks



Green Impact Projects

A new addition to the Gold workbooks are criteria G023, G024 and G025!

These criteria invite teams to undertake a project that addresses an issue which will have an effect on their School/department’s environmental sustainability, further promote environmental awareness to staff and students at the University, or have a positive impact on the local community. You can discuss your project with the Environmental team and draw up Project Action Plan for the year.

To complete these criteria, teams should complete their project, keep the environmental team up to date and create a Case Study of their successful Green Impact Project, including 'top tips' and 'lessons learnt' and plenty of pictures of the project!


Please refer to the ‘How you will be audited’ sections of the workbook to identify how each criteria can be achieved.




Point System

A new point scoring system has been added to the work book. Each criterion is now worth a designated number of points. These points vary depending on the importance, difficulty and time required to complete the criteria. As in previous years the teams with the highest total points on submission of their workbooks will be eligible to achieve the Platinum award. 

Please note that the new  points system does not affect the process for obtaining Bronze, Silver or Gold Award.  It has been added as an option for teams that wish to do that little bit more. 


Updating Team information

If you wish to update your Green Impact team, please email our NUS representative Katie Jepson with your name, team name and who you would like to be removed.

Any issues please email