Food/Seed swap

What is a Food/Seed Swap?

A food/ seed swap is a great opportunity for growers to meet in work and exchange their excess food/seeds in person.

A food or seed swap gives staff the perfect opportunity to show off home grown fruit and vegetables.

Getting your colleagues involved is a great opportunity for everyone to go home with local foods and seeds that would otherwise have gone to waste. It’s an opportunity to get ideas of produce to grow next season too!

 Holding a food swap allows all excess food to be brought together and shared. This is a great way to reduce waste, save money and share great home grown produce with your colleagues.


What does it involve?

  • Pick a date and time to hold the food swap
  • Invite all staff to come along to the food swap
  • Invite staff to bring in excess food or seeds that they have
  • Put all of the produce in a communal area
  • Invite staff to help themselves to the produce

 By holding a food/seed swap we can reduce the carbon emissions associated with the processing, packaging and delivery of foods whilst preventing food from going to waste.


Top Tips

  • Ask your colleagues to help – make it fun.  Perhaps hold a coffee morning to encourage staff members to take part in the food swap and discuss the benefits of it.
  • Encourage staff to cook or bake something from the produce they take and share the recipe with others.



Assistant Estates Manager

Nicola Keown


Environmental Officer

Caoimhe O'Neill