As the world's population continues to rise, the more stress there is placed on the availability of fresh water available to us. Because the UK and Ireland appears to receive so much rain water it can be difficult to understand why we need to conserve this precious resource; however protecting and conserving our water is vital for the wellbeing of future generations and biodiversity.

At Queen's we recognise that we have a duty to encourage both staff and students to reduce their water consumption. The average person in the UK uses roughly 150 litres of water per day. But that is only a small part of the story; when you consider the water required to produce all the items we consume and use on a daily basis, the average person will actually use approximately 4, 645 litres of water per day. With some 3, 500 staff and 24, 000 students here at Queen's University, taking action together to conserve water could produce incredible savings.

Reduce your impact on the environment by reusing water bottles and filling them at drinking water taps available in university buildings.

 Play your part:

Below are links to some useful tools and information that can help you start conserving water today:

  • There are many small changes that we can all make to conserve water which can make a difference to both the environment and your pocket. The Waterwise website provides some quick tips and advice about some of the changes you can make today.
  • Try this free Online Calculator and find out how much your showering habits are costing you.
  • NI Water's 'Bag It and Bin It' is a water industry campaign to promote the responsible disposal of personal products. Its aim is to reduce the amount of inappropriate material being flushed down the toilet, which will also in turn reduce the amount of water being wasted from inappropriate flushing.
  • This interactive site highlights just how much water we use in our dat-to-day activities; from showering to cooking, the Every Last Drop website illustrates how we use so much water.