Posters & Factsheets

'Switch me off' posters and signs are now available for staff to use in their offices and buildings. All Environmental Champions have been sent the posters and signs. Additional posters can be downloaded using the links below. If you would like additional 'Switch me off' signs or 'Close Sash' signs, contact

‌  switch me off red    Switch Me Off Purple    

switch me off- dont

  ENERGY close sash 2015  
 energy poster plug 2015

                               Energy poster light 2015

  Equipment Poster PDF

  Lighting Poster PDF  


 ENERGY poster Water 2015


 Energy poster reduce reuse recycle 2015

 Water Poster PDF   Recycling Poster PDF‌    
‌  Energy poster BIKE 2015    Energy poster Public transport 2015

Get on your Bike Poster PDF     Public Transport Poster PDF   
WARPit POSTER 1 2015

  WARPit POSTER 2 2015

WARPit Poster PDF   WARPit Poster PDF