How to set up Work Placements


This site is designed to support staff who are considering introducing work placement into a degree programme and would like more information about the options available and how to implement a work placement scheme.

The information is also aimed at helping evaluation of existing work placement schemes particularly in relation to pre-placement activities and ensuring identification and recording of learning gained by students during the placement.

All forms and templates given are examples and Schools should amend these to meet their particular requirements.

Whilst the information given is accurate at time of publication, [Sept 2014] guidance on work placement is continually changing and readers are recommended to check with the latest advice. [See documents at the end of this page]

The information given includes:

1. Why introduce work placement?

Aimed at staff considering setting up placement  who want an indication of the main r easons why work placement should be considered, the challenges and how these can be minimised.

2. Issues to be considered in setting up work placement

Aimed at staff new to work placement who want information about the main issues they need to consider.

Includes:  Types of placement, Learning outcomes, Assessment, Sourcing placements, Responsibilities, Health and Safety, Insurance and Good Practice.

3. Pre-placement information

Includes:  Detailed information, example template forms and contacts for Types of placement, Learning outcomes, Assessment, Sourcing placements, Responsibilities, Health and Safety, Insurance and Placement preparation of students.

4. On-placement information

Includes:  Health and Safety, Assessment, Visits and Maintaining contact.

5. Post-placement information

Assessment, Debriefing, Employer contact and work placement review.

6. All forms and templates

A list of all forms and templates referenced within the site.


Further information

Key documents regarding introduction of work placement include:

  1. Queen's University Student Employability and Skills Policy
  2. Work Based and Placement Learning: University Policy and Guidelines
  3. Quality Assurance Agency, Code of Practice, Section 9: Work based and placement learning
  4. National Council for Work Experience: Code of Practice


We hope this site will continue to develop and comments and additions are welcome.

Please e-mail Deirdre Deery, Careers, Employability and Skills.