2. Issues to be Considered in Setting Up Work Placement

When setting up work placement within a programme a number of key areas need to be considered to establish the framework for the placement scheme to be offered. The following list of issues is intended to enable this framework to be established before looking at further details.

Once the framework for the work placement scheme has been decided, further information on these aspects is given through the Pre-placement, On-placement and Post-placement sections of this website.

2.1 Type of Placement

Considers the following options:

  • Compulsory or optional
  • Length and timing
  • Location
  • Work related and/or project based

2.2 Learning Outcomes

When considering work placement the learning outcomes i.e. what the student should gain from the placement, need to be decided.

  • Defining Learning Outcomes

2.3 Assessment

Assessment of studenst on placment can take many forms and the nature nad extent of assessment needs to be considered. Options include:

  • Pass/Fail
  • Academic assessment as part of the degree programme
  • Assessment by placement host
  • Types of assessment

2.4 Sourcing Placement

In considering work placement there is a need to ensure sufficient placement opportunities are availble for the student number and the range of placement sources shodul be examined.

  • Identifying placement hosts

2.5 Responsibilities

As work placements operate outside the university environment it is essential for all staff, students and placement providers to be aware of their and others responsibilities.These include:

  • Responsibilties for securing a placements
  • School, student and placement host responsibilities

2.6 Health and Safety

Health and Safety of students whilst on placement is essential.

2.7 Insurance

Students must be covered by sufficient insurance whilst on placement. this includes:

  • Students on compulsory placement
  • Students on optional placement
  • Overseas placements

2.8 Overall Good Practice  - QAA code of Practice Precepts

The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education has published a Code of Practice within which Section 9 covers Work placement. The precepts summarise the key points relating to good practice.