3.3. Assessment

Assessment methodology is determined by the learning outcomes for the work placement and/or project.

For the project based placement it may be sufficient to assess the final project report along with an employer assessment.  If the learning outcomes include the student reflecting on what they have learnt throughout the project, then a further reflective report is required.

Due to the nature of work placement, assessment relies heavily on reflection by the student and it is advisable to start developing reflective skills in students during pre-placement .

The following describes possible assessments for pre-placement, on-placement and post-placement.

Pre-placement assessment

This can take the form of a pre-placement submission based on the application process and an examination of the projected learning from the work placement the student has secured.

For example pre-placement assessment may include:

As part of the role of assessment is to develop reflective skills, the reflection on applications and the forward skills analysis should be heavily weighted in the assessment.  (i.e. 40% each and 10% for the Cv's and covering letters)

It is important to consider if students are eligible for any other external awards such as City and Guilds Senior Licentiateship (see City and Guilds booklet) for year work placements and build these requirements into the assessment. 

For further information please refer to:  Work Based and Placement Learning: University Policy and Guidelines

Alternatively, some placements use only external assessment criteria for assessing placement.  This can be very useful for optional placements as it enables these students to get recognition for their placement.

On-placement assessment

Students are usually required to keep a log book of their activities and learning during their placement and may be required to submit additional assignments and be assessed by their placement provider and visiting tutor.  (see assessment in On-placement)

Post-placement assessment

Students may be required to submit a reflective report on their placement demonstrating how they have met the learning outcomes and also give a presentation.  (see assessment in Post-placement).  The latter enables students to show how they have developed personally and placement providers and other stakeholders can be invited to the presentations.