3.4. Sourcing work Placements

It should be made clear to students and staff exactly who has responsibility for securing placements.  The recommendation is that this should rest with the student, unless there is a specific School managed placement scheme where places may be limited.  This is more usually the case when research project based placements are available.

Sourcing of placements can be done by University staff only or University staff and students.  The latter is recommended, however a clear process of approval should be in place. (see Work placement approval procedures).

Work placements can be sourced through:

  • Academic colleagues,
  • Alumni/recent graduates
  • Invest Northern Ireland,
  • Exhibitions,
  • Journals,
  • Local/National papers,
  • Networking particularly for international placements,
  • Mail shots to organisations,
  • Professional bodies,
  • Voluntary organisations,
  • Charities,
  • Careers, Employability and skills - work placement web information
  • National work placement websites
  • Careers, Employability and skills - work placement (d.deery@qub.ac.uk)

It is important to have some literature available indicating what skills your students can offer a placement provider such as course information.  (for examples see A5 School placement flierand University placement flier).

For mail shots an introductory leaflet, letter containing information about the Programme and the placements is recommended (see Placement letter).

Schools should offer to facilitate application procedures to suit the placement provider.  These can include, direct application by students to the placement provider, application/CV collection by the School and forwarding to the placement provider, application collection and interviewing by the School and placement provider or application collection and interviewing by the School only.

Where Schools source placements, these can be advertised to students through e-mail or via Queen's online.

For further information refer to Work Based and Placement Learning, University Policy and Guidelines