3.6. Health and Safety

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act, employers have a responsibility to ensure safe working conditions for all their employees. Schools are responsible for ensuring that the students will be working in a safe environment whilst on placement. This can be achieved by assessing the placement provider through a visit (see Health and Safety Checklist ) and/or completion of Health and Safety Checklist for Placement provider form .  Any queries regarding Health and Safety status of a placement provider should be referred to the Health and Safety Unit within Queen's.  The University contact for queries regarding work placement is Julie Mcconkey j.mcconkey@qub.ac.uk

This assessment should be carried out before a placement is approved and can be included as part of the Work placement approval procedure.

Schools also need to ensure that students undertake appropriate Health and Safety training prior to work placement. In most cases this is General Safety training, however more specialised training may be needed in certain cases where machinery or biological materials may be used i.e. Agricultural placement, hospitals. Where specialised training is needed, placement providers may offer this to the student as part of their induction programme.

The University Health and Safety Unit can provide training for students. Julie McConkey (j.mcconkey@qub.ac.uk) has responsibility for Health and Safety for student placements.

For more information:

Queen's University Policy in Relation to Health and Safety for Placement