3.7. Insurance

Students undertaking work placement as a required (compulsory or optional) element of their degree programme should be covered by both the University public liability and the placement provider insurance. However,  not all legal responsibility for placement lies with the University or placement provider. The student has responsibility to act in an appropriate manner, keep in contact with the University to report any problems with the placement and to check that indemnity is given to them by the placement provider/employer.

Schools should check that placement providers have employers liability and public liability insurance as part of the approval process.  (see Employers Health and Safety checklist in Placement approval procedure)

The University's Placement students: Insurance guidance note should be consulted for more information.  Please refer to the relevant section in Work Based and Placement Learning: University Policy and Guidelines

 The University contact for queries regarding insurance is Irena Kerr i.kerr@qub.ac.uk