3.8. Work Placement Approval Procedure

An approval procedure should be established to approve each work placement.

Placement Approval

The placement provider, their Health and Safety status and the work placement/project offered should all be assessed and only when all are satisfactory should the placement be approved. The placement provider should complete a placement job description form and/or project proposal form for submission to the School for approval. It is advisable that the Health and Safety checklist for placement providers is also submitted at the same time.

The placement job description form should include details of the placement provider, location of the placement, payment, length of placement, job description, application process and specific needs of the students whilst on placement i.e. access to the internet.

One person or group should have responsibility for approving or otherwise placements. The placement job description should be considered in light of the learning outcomes expected from the placement and whether the student is likely to be able to attain them.

If the job description is approved and the Health and Safety status of the placement provider is satisfactory, then an agreement can be drawn up. If the job description has shortcomings, the placement can be rejected or the placement provider asked to amend the job description in such a way as to enable the student to achieve the learning outcomes.

Work placement agreement

Once the placement has been approved a work placement agreement should be drawn up. This is based on the job description supplied by the placement provider and the academic requirements for the work placement. This latter aspect covers the assessments i.e. log book and any submissions during the placement and supporting the student in achieving the learning outcomes, which are stated on the agreement. The agreement should be signed by the student, placement provider and school placement co-ordinator before the student starts their work placement.