5.4. Work Placement review

It is important to review the placement in terms of administration and outcomes.


This should be a streamlined as possible by enabling online or email/fax submission of forms and assessment.  All information and forms should be available online for students and, where appropriate, employers, to access.


All work placements should be reviewed on an annual basis with regard to student achievement of outcomes, evaluations of students, suitability for programme information received by students approval process and placement preparation of students.

If the work placement is provided as a module within a degree programme, it should be reviewed in the same way as other academic modules, with evaluation including students, external examiner comments, examination board comments, student evaluation questionnaires, suitability for programme, delivery, content, methods of teaching and assessment, handbooks and information, assessment weighting's, approval process and placement preparation of students.

For work placement assessed within a degree programme, but not as a module, a similar review should take place.