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The overall Engineering Project objectives for the Centre of Excellence in Active and Interactive Learning (CEAIL) are:

1. To contribute to the leadership and on-going development of the international CDIO Initiative, which aims to make engineering education more effective and more closely aligned to the needs of the engineering profession.

2. To implement the approach established by the collaborators in the CDIO Initiative to reform the design and delivery of engineering curricula, within the degree programmes offered by the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Queen's University Belfast.

3. To disseminate information about the CDIO approach and the School’s implementation experience to other engineering schools in the University, and more widely to other universities in Ireland and the UK.

4. To seek to adapt the CDIO approach to suit non-engineering vocational disciplines, where the requirements of professional practice should be met through holistic experiences that use active and interactive learning and combine the acquisition of knowledge with the development of an enhanced range of skills.