About The Semantic Index

The semantic index attempts to group the Early Irish lexicon into appropriate semantic fields. The semantic fields have been established within a three-tiered structure. The first is the major Heading (e.g., Flora, Fauna, Nature, Body, Material culture, Religion); the second is the subheading (e.g., Fauna comprises: Amphibians, Birds, Insects, Livestock keeping, Mammals, Monster, Products, Reptiles, and Shellfish). The third tier lists the different semantic subfields (e.g., Ape, Ass, Badger, Bat, Bear, Beaver). The index is intended as a tool to assist both cultural and environmental research, e.g., archaeologists, naturalists and historians who wish to examine a specific semantic field within the DIL such as weapons, burials, plant names, and linguists who wish to undertake etymological research at the Celtic or Indo-European level and require very broad semantic fields within which to search for potential cognates. For ease of use, this index is currently presented in pdf  to permit simple downloading of the relevant terms. It is intended for use with either the new electronic version or the printed versions of the DIL. Additions and corrections to the published lists will be ongoing and readers noting omissions or mistakes (of which there will no doubt be plenty) are encouraged to pass these on to the editor, J P Mallory, at  j.mallory@qub.ac.uk