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Oivind Fuglerud

Øivind Fuglerud is professor of social anthropology at the Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo. His research in the last 15 years has mainly focused on two broad issues. One is the consequences of the civil war in Sri Lanka with regard to political identity, migration and diaspora formation. In this work he has had a particular focus on political processes internal to the Tamil community. The other is European refugee policy, international migration and public discourse on the questions of immigration and integration of immigrants in Norway. Most of his work on the second issue have been written as interventions in national debates and are published in Norwegian. Within both these fields he has in the last few years been interested in the importance of aesthetics, in Sri Lanka as a way of making political ideas tangible, in western countries the role of museum exhibitions and art in the framing of cultural identities.     

 Oivind Fuglerud Madhu Church Sri Lanka