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Stine Bruland Sorensen    

Stine Bruland Sørensen is a social anthropologist with interests in Sri Lankan Tamil families in diaspora and their homeland. She read development studies for her first degree and studied social anthropology for her MA at the University of Oslo (UiO). From August 2010 she has been involved as a research assistant at Museum of Cultural History, before she takes up her post as PhD fellow at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in August 2011.Greeting Mother Mary

Research interests

Sørensen’s research project for her MA concerned different notions of belonging and home-making among transnational Sri Lankan Tamil families in Oslo, Norway. Based on eight months of intensive ethnographic research, it examines the practices of parents, who are strongly politically active in Tamil homeland politics and strive to create a home in their transnational life for themselves and their children. This research looked at dilemmas concerned desires and demands of kin, the local Tamil community, the ‘Tamil nation’ and the Norwegian majority society towards being ‘good Tamils’ and ‘good Norwegians’. Thereby the research speaks to anthropological discussions of relatedness, long-distance nationalism, generational relations, moral practice, subjectivity and identity.

As a Research Assistant on the HERA-funded project ‘Creativity and Innovation in a World of Movement’, Sørensen conducted fieldwork with Catholic and Hindu Tamils in Paris. This new research traces the same family networks from her former fieldwork in Oslo and explores notions of creativity in the use and experiences of aesthetics in Catholic and Hindu prayer. Also, a new look is given to the aesthetics within the Tamil Tiger-rituals and how politically active families participate in these rituals to create meaningful life projects

For her PhD research, Tamil family rituals will be explored, tracing the same Tamil family networks to Sri Lanka, exploring discussions on ritual practice, transnational relatedness, aesthetics and emotions.

2011. ‘Nationalism as meaningful life projects. Identity construction among politically active Tamil families in Norway’. Ethnic and Racial Studies, forthcoming.

2011. ‘Making Home(s). Repères générationnels et nationalisme comme instruments de making home(s), ”faire son chez-soi” chez les activistes politiques de la diaspora tamoule de Norvège’. Hommes et migrations, forthcoming.

2009. Å skape hjem. Erfaringer og betydninger av tilhørighet i tamilske transnasjonale familier. MA- thesis, University of Oslo.