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Embroidery, India

Tereza Kuldova


Currently working on a PhD thesis under the working title “Embroidering and Consuming Desirable Life: On the Ambivalences of Fashion and CEmbroidery India ontemporary India”, which is based on a long-term fieldwork in North India.

This research investigates the multiple relationships between the material and the social world, believing that our relationships with things are full-fledged relationships and as such are central for our understanding of society. The research sets out to explore these relationships through the lens of one particular type of commodity – traditional hand embroidery produced in Lucknow, North India (i.e. Chikan, traditionally a white on white embroidery). Focusing on the embroidered garments, a certain type of thing, and following this thing from the social and economic contexts of its production all the way to its consumption and showcase, it aims to understand the various and changing meanings this cultural artefact is endowed with on its way. It also attempts to gain insight into the social contexts and systems of knowledge in which Chikan acquires its various meanings. The research therefore explores what this commodity means for the social actors who daily interact with it. It takes us all the way from the historical Lucknow to the contemporary Lucknow, where the garments are produced and further to Delhi, where most of them are consumed, disposed off and re-consumed. It takes us on an imaginary journey of this commodity across the Indian social landscape, from the poor houses of its producers in Lucknow, to the homes of its well-off consumers in Delhi, a journey across contemporary India.Embroiderer India


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