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Embroidery, India


Why do people create and engage with things? What do specific material objects mean to different individuals in distinct socio-historical contexts? What happens to artefacts when taken from one place to another in terms of their meaning, value and impact?

This web resource presents case studies from around the world that address these questions. While some cases trace the circulation of specific imagery in contexts of global connectedness, others follow artefacts as they move across time and space. Power dynamics that influence the material production and social lives of artefacts are also under scrutiny.




Entries include a discussion of light and designers in Sweden; the uses to which colonial-era silver coins are put in contemporary rural India; a painting by an Aboriginal Australian contemporary artist; a football shirt belonging to Ronaldo given by him as an offering to Our Lady of Aparecida, the patron saint of Brazil. Some submissions deal with objects that appear in galleries and museums; others with more everyday, otherwise unremarkable, items.

These studies therefore examine a growing diversity of people and things, and the interactions between them. While a variety of subthemes tie specific cases together, in broader terms, CIM:Resource allows users to explore creative production and appropriation in interconnected fields of local, translocal and transnational activity.