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Past Events

CIM Conference, Belfast, 4th-7th March 2011 

Performance Room (ground floor, back of building)
School of History and Anthropology
Queens University Belfast
13 University Square


Friday 4 March

18.00-19.00     Welcome and Reception

Saturday 5 March

09.00-10.15     Birgit Meyer 'The Sacred Heart of Jesus in Ghana' 

10.15-10.30     Coffee

10.30-11.45     Rhoda Woets 'On popular Christian imagery in Ghana'

11.45-13.00     Joao Rickli 'Aparecida's appearances: creativity and authenticity in the production of images of Our Lady of Aparecida in Brazil'

13.00-14.00     Lunch

14.00-15.15     Fiona Magowan 'Moving Colours of Identity: The Emotional Dynamics of Mobility, Place and Belonging in Australian Aboriginal art'

15.15-15.30     Coffee

15.30-16.45     Oivind Fuglerud 'Art, ambiguity and ethnographic exhibitions: reflections on a visit to MoA, British Columbia' 

16.45-18.00    Arnd Scheider 'Appropriation and overlay in Guaraní-inspired ceramics and design objects in Misiones, Argentina'

Sunday 6 March

10.00-11.15    Stine Bruland Sørensen 'Fluid religious boundaries: the power of aesthetics in Catholic and Hindu prayer among Sri Lankan Tamils'

11.15-11.30    Coffee   

11.30-12.45    Leon Wainwright 'Art, innovation and movement in contemporary Barbados'

12.45-13.45    Lunch

13.45-14.00    Yudhishthir Raj Isar, Conference Discussant

14.00-15.15    Amit Desai 'Notes on creativity, asceticism, and lines among Indian contemporary artists'

15.15-15.30    Coffee

15.30-16.45    Maruška Svašek 'Domestic Collections in Chennai: Transitions and Transformations between Art and Religion

16.45-18.00    Final discussion

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Dynamics of Religious Trajectories, 2nd August 2011

International Seminar

Department of Sociology, MOP Vaishnav College, Chennai, India

For more information, see programme

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The Art of Anthropology, 2nd-3rd September 2011

Anthropological Association of Ireland Conference 2011

School of Art & Design, University of Ulster, Belfast

Further details

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Materiality, Movement, Museum, 19th-20th September 2011

Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo

Programme details and Conference theme

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Kala Shreen UK tour
(Re)contextualising Art: Anthropology, Art History, and the Museum, 28th September 2011

Tropical Museum, Amsterdam


Please contact Rhoda Woets for further information

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Material lives: objects, images, and emotions in a world of movement, 9th-10th March 2012

Conference information

Queen's University Belfast

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Arts and Aesthetics in a Globalizing World, 3rd-6th April 2012

ASA 2012 conference

Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India

Further details

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CIM Project Final Conference, 31st May-1st June 2012

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Conference Programme

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Recent presentations

Amit Desai

'Notes on creativity and lines from Chennai', MOP Vaishnav College for Women, Chennai, 27th January 2011

Oivind Fuglerud

'Art, ambiguity and ethnographic exhibitions: reflections on a visit to MoA, British Columbia', Dept. of Anthropology , University of Oslo, Institutional Seminar, 2nd February 2011

Birgit Meyer

'Ästhetik des Überzeugens. Religiöse Erlebnisformen, Sinne und Gefühle', Technische Universität Berlin, Colloquium Excellenzcluster 'Languages of Emotion', 19th January 2011

'Film as Revelation', Lecture Wissenschaftskolleg Berlin, 25th January 2011

'Religion and the Question of Materiality: Pictures as Sensational Forms', History of Emotions group at the MPI für Bildungsforschung, 18th February 2011

Arnd Schneider

'Dialogues: The Future of Art and Anthropology Collaborations', FEATURES workshop, Universität für Angewandte Künste /
University of Applied Arts, Vienna, 1st - 2nd October, 2010

'Camera Positions: Remarks on Observer and Observed in Art and Anthropology', Photographer’s Gallery, London, public lecture, 17th November 2010

Stine Bruland Sorensen

'Transgressing Religious Boundaries: The power of aesthetics in Catholic and Hindu prayer among Sri Lankan Tamils', Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo, 17th February 2011

Maruska Svasek

'Two Lives. Improvising between two interrelated fields of art and religion', Anthropology and Ethnomusicology Research Seminar, Queen’s University Belfast, 23rd November 2010

'Affective Moves. Cultural Production and Globalisation', MOP Vaishnav College for Women, Chennai, 15th December 2010

'Dis/connection Through Sculpture in Tamil Nadu. Makers Versus Creators?' Wissenschaftkolleg, Berlin  25 June 2011

Leon Wainwright

'Beyond Cultural Diversity', The Creative Case for Diversity and Equality in the Arts, Arts Council England seminar, NESTA, London, 26th November 2010

'A Black Atlantic Art History?', Paramaribo Perspectives, TENT., De Unie and Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Rotterdam, 12th October 2010

'Cultural Policy: Diversity and Equality: A Letter from the Academy', Cultural Policy and Management, City University, London, 27th October 2010