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Networking Opportunities

Networking opportunities

The European Conference on Domestic Violence seeks to provide a space for groups of individuals with common interests to meet together to discuss ideas, to share good practice or to plan joint projects or research collaborations.  This may improve networking between the scientific community, the NGOs in the field, political decision-makers and legislative, health, educational, social and police bodies in order to design co-ordinated actions against domestic violence in Europe; and promote research, data collection and networking at national and international levels.

Themes could be particular subjects of research,

We intend to offer the opportunity for up to twelve Special Interest Groups to meet within the conference programme. In order to facilitate the meetings of these Special Interest Groups, this call invites proposals from individuals for potential groups. The Scientific Committee will then assess the proposals, and if selected delegates will have the opportunity to attend a ninety minute meeting during the conference.

If you would like to propose a Special Interest Group then please forward the following information:

Your name(s)

Your contact details

Title of the Special Interest Group

Brief description of scope and aims of the group (up to 300 words)

Any further relevant information you would wish to include


This information should be submitted to dvconference@qub.ac.uk by 30th April 2015.

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