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2011 Programme

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 Esaform 2011 Summary Programme

Detailed Programme


ESAFORM is a European association with a mission to stimulate the applied and fundamental research in the field of material forming.

ESAFORM's main goals are:

  • Spreading scientific and technological information within academic and industrial communities.
  • Establishing communication between industry and reserach laboratories.
  • Promoting the teaching of material forming sciences in universities.
  • Promoting and facilitating collaborative projects and European networking in the field of material forming.
  • Strengthening cooperation between national, European and international organisations.
  • Encouraging interdisciplinary research in the area of material forming.

ESAFORM publishes an offical journal and organises many scientific activities.  The flagship event is this annual conference on Material Forming, where ESAFORM members and other participants meet to discuss their research.

ESAFORM awards annual prizes to the distinguished researchers/designers who have made an outstanding contribution to the field of material forming.

Conference Goals

The purpose of this conference is to facilitate the communication between specialists in various fields of material forming sciences.  Presentations concerning all the steps of material forming processes are welcome: from fundamental studies to applied aspects, from experimental to numerical research.






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