Industrial Prize

Nominations for the Industrial Prize 2011

The ESAFORM Industrial Prize is awarded annually. The prize is 2000 Euros. It intends to distinguish a confirmed researcher/designer or a team of industrial researchers/designers, who have brought an outstanding contribution in the field of industrial materials forming. This contribution may lead to a (potential) innovation in design, control or performance of industrial materials processing. It may concern any kind of materials (metals, polymers, composites, ceramics, glass, concrete, food materials…) and any forming processes (rolling, forging, sheet forming, casting, machining, extrusion, injection moulding, blow moulding…).

Who may apply?

The applicants have an engineering degree (or equivalent) with a number of years of professional experience in industry. They may belong to a public or a private company, a technical centre of an industrial branch, a professional association. They must be involved either in industrial research, or in design, or in production.

How to apply?

The applicants shall provide:

    * Curriculum Vitae (each member of the team),

    * Presentation of the team (objectives, organization, activities) for a collective application,

    * Description of major achievements (patents, computer codes, design of machines, improvement of existing processes, design of new processes or methods) and list of publications (scientific or technical papers, conference abstracts, technical reports...),

    * Four-page abstract detailing their specific contribution in the field of materials forming,

    * Two recommendation letters (with at least one from an independent institution) underlining the quality and the originality of the contribution of the applicants, with emphasis on industrial relevance.


Incomplete applications will not be considered. A jury nominated by the Scientific Committee will review each application. The Scientific Committee will make a proposal to the ESAFORM Board of Directors, which will take the final decision.

If the ESAFORM Board of Directors considers that the number of candidates is too low, submitted applications will be postponed to the subsequent year.

Presentation of the Award

The winner(s) will be notified a month before the ESAFORM Annual Conference, and he/she/they will receive the ESAFORM Industrial Prize during the conference at Queens University, Belfast, April 27-29, 2011. The winner(s) will deliver a plenary lecture on his/her/their work.

Documents have to be sent by e-mail before February 28th, 2011 to:

Jan Kusiak

President of the ESAFORM Scientific Committee



Akademia Gorniczo-Hutnicza

Mickiewicza 30, 30-059 Kraków, Poland

Queen's Lanyon Building
Giant's Causeway
Queen's University Quad
City Hall
Carrickarede Rope Bridge