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Inverse analysis optimization and stochastic approaches

Lionel Fourment, Mines ParisTech, France

M. Strano, A.H. Van der Boogaard

Scale transition in metals: from microstructure to macro-scale properties

Anne Habraken, University of Liege, Belgium

S. Bouvier, O. Cazacu, L. Tabourot

Incremental and sheet metal forming

V T Meinders, University of Twente, Netherlands

T. Welo, C. Giardini, L. Filice

Hydroforming and super-plastic forming

Elisabeth Massoni, Mines ParisTech, France

J.C. Gelin

Forging and rolling

Bernd Arno Behrens, University of Hannover, Germany

L. Fourment

Extrusion and drawing

Lorenzo Donati, University of Bologna, Italy

N. Ben Khalifa, H. Valberg

Nano-structured materials and microforming

Ulf Engel, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany

A. Rosochowski

Machining and cutting

D Umbrello, University of Calabria, Italy

T. Matsumura, P.J. Arrazola

Structures, properties and processing of polymers

Fabrice Schmidt, Ecole des Mine D'Albi Carmaux, France

L. Silva, P.J. Martin, P. Hornsby, Gilles Régnier

Composites forming processes

Philippe Boisse, National Institute of Applied Sciences, France

S. Lomov, R. Akkerman, F. Chinesta, J. Sherwood

Semi-solid processes

Dermot Brabazon, Dublin City University, Republic of Ireland

H.V. Atkinson, A. Rassili, Z. Azpilgain, A. Pola, S. Naher

Heat transfer modelling

Katia Mocellin, Mines ParisTech, France

V. Sobotka, F.Schmidt

New and advanced numerical strategies for material forming

Elias Cueto, University of Zaragoza, Spain

R.M. Natal Jorge, S. Reese, P. Boisse

Innovative joining by forming technologies

Livan Fratini, University of Palermo, Italy

M. Merklein, F. Micari

Non-conventional processes

Hans-Peter Schulze, Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany

L. Santo, L. Slatineanu, A. Goncalves-Coelho

Materials behaviour and formability

Toshihiko Kuwabara, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan

D. Banabic, F.Barlat, O. Cazacu, L. Delannay

High temperature sheet forming

Sean Leen, National University of Ireland (Galway), Republic of Ireland

G. Bernhart, S. Wagner

Effects of bending and shear on sheet formability

Ton van den Boogaard, University of Twente, Netherlands

A. Ofenheimer

Light-weight design and energy efficiency in metal forming

Sami Chatti, Technical University of Dortmund, Germany

E.Ceretti, J.M. Allwood, E. Tekkaya

Integrated design, modelling and reliability assessment in forming (I-DMR)

Robertt Valente, University of Aveiro, Portugal

A. Andrade-Campos, R. Sousa

Friction and wear in material processing

Laurent Dubar, University of Valenciennes, France

P. Montmitonnet
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