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Summer and Vacation Internships and Placements

In addition to longer term professional and industrial placements, we are keen to work with employers to develop a full range of shorter term placements and internships which will benefit both our students and employers. Many employers already have established summer placement programmes and we are keen to work with you to advertise these through MyFuture. In addition we have a limited range of supports open to SME's and Community and Voluntary Sector organisations to help establish internships of up to 8 weeks. These supports are funded under the Santander SME Internship Programme with additional support from Queen's University



As part of the Development Weeks programme we are inviting employers to host short internships over a 1–3 week period sometime during the period of 18 May to 11 September 2020. 1-3 week internships are a great way to introduce students to your organisation, possible roles and what it would be like to work with you. They are also an excellent tool in the strive for the early identification of talent.

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Short Term Internships

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Professional and Industrial Placements

Many of our pathways have compulsory or optional placement years or modules and some of our Schools have dedicated placement staff. We have highlighted some of these below, for all other pathways and any-discipline opportunities please contact your Account Manager or our recruitment team.

Queens Day 4 - 162

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Mechanical, Aerospace and Design Engineering

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Electronics & Electrical Engineering

Electronics and Electrical Engineering

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male student looking at samples in a lab

Biological Sciences

Environmental, Food Science, Agriculture & Biochemical

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students looking over notes in the C.S. Lewis reading room

Queen's Management School

Actuarial, Finance & Business Management

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Computer Science

Business IT, Computer Science,IT & Software

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Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

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