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Company Presentations & Campus Stands

Present your opportunities to our students

Whether it's a stand on campus or an organised presentation we'll assist and advise on logistics and promotion to our students

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Interviewing and Testing

Hold your interviews and assessments on Campus

We have a range of options across campus for both interviewing and hosting assessment centres and testing facilities

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Career Development Programmes

Get involved in our student development programmes

From Skills to Success to Degree Plus, there's a range of ways you can participate in programmes to increase the skills and employability of our students

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Advertising, Promotion and Sponsorship

Sponsor events, academic prizes or student societies

We have numerous opportunities for advertising and sponsorship from our main fairs and events to study tour disemmination events

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Work Based Projects

Masters and Undergraduate Projects

Providing real life projects for students to apply their academic knowledge is part of their programme is a great way to increase your profile

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Guest Lectures

Share your expertise with our students

We have many opportunities for employers to come in as guest speakers at lectures across a range of programmes

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Off Site Visits

Organise a visit to your facilities

Not all profiling raising activities have to be on campus, we'll help you promote your off-campus events and visits to our students

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Development Weeks

Run an activity or host a 1-3 week internship

Development Weeks run from 20 to 30 May 2019, raise your profile by offering activities, insight days or internships during these weeks or through the summer

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Stands presentations & interviews

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