Bangor University, Wales

Bangor University, Wales

The Wales team is located in the School of Social Sciences at the University of Wales Bangor, a multi-disciplinary department of 18 established staff, with teaching programmes and research clusters informed by a range of social science disciplines. The School puts great emphasis on qualitative methods, comparative research designs and post-devolution policy development in Wales and conducts research on culture, language and identity, and rural development. Expertise in biographical narrative research has been developed through more than 10 years of cooperation in teaching and research training with the University of Magdeburg. The School is closely associated with the multidisciplinary Welsh Institute for Social and Cultural Affairs Centre for Social Policy Research and Development.

Key scientific staff and expertise:

Professor Howard Davis

Professor of Social Theory and Institutions. Currently engaged in research on cultural change and identities on the European periphery, both in Wales and the former Soviet Union. His publications are mainly on the sociology of media, language and culture. With Graham Day, he recently completed research on English in-migrants to Wales, and is PI for a project on the biographies of women in Wales since the 1950s.

Graham Day

Senior Lecturer and Researcher. A specialist in Welsh society, civil society, nationality and collective identities and their relationship to patterns of economic and social change. 

Professor Duncan Tanner 

Director of the interdisciplinary Welsh Institute for Social and Cultural Affairs, a specialist in the history of the Labour Party in Wales from the 20th century to the present day, and the leading authority on the history of Welsh devolution. His recent research focus is on the civic and cultural forms of national identity in the devolution process using oral history methods.

Dr Sally Baker  

A post-doctoral research fellow who is employed for 50% of her time on the Euroidentities Project. She has an interest in national identity and is particularly keen to apply Bourdieu's concepts to her research.  

Marta Kowalska

Graduated sociology at Jagiellonian University, Poland. She has a BA degree in European Social Work from Portsmouth / Copenhagen. Recently she has completed an MSc in Sociology (Research) at London School of Economics. In the project, she is a half-time research assistant.


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