Federico II' University, Naples, Italy

‘Federico II’ University, Naples

The Italian team is located in the Department of Sociology, at the ‘Federico II’ University, Naples. The Department, which collects researchers of different disciplines, such as political science, history, anthropology, communication and philosophy, has a tradition of multidisciplinary studies through qualitative methods, particularly concerning Southern development issues and social policies. The Department holds close relations with local policy makers and politicians and is involved in a number of national research projects.

Key scientific staff and expertise:

Antonella Spanò

Professor of Sociology. Has carried out biographical research for over a decade, mainly in the areas of social exclusion. Board Member of the Italian Sociological Association (AIS), PhD course coordinator (“Sociology and Social Research”), at the moment is scientific coordinator of a local team in a National Research Programme on Second Generation Migrants, devoted to the analysis of processes which could generate new forms of national identity, in particular trans-national ones. Has previous experience of European Research, as scientific consultant of the Italian team in SOSTRIS Social Strategies in Risk Societies, IV Frame Programme, D.G. XII, EU. Her main research interests include social exclusion, unemployment, gender, migration, and youth.

Gabriella Gribaudi

Professor of Contemporary History. A member of the board of the historical review Quaderni Storici, President of AISO (Italian Association of Oral History). Engages in research through written sources and oral history in the fields of social history of Southern Italy during World War II and violence towards civilians. She also studies methodological issues such as the relation between history and social sciences, between micro- and macro-contexts and between memory and history.

Pasquale Musella

Research Assistant. He carried out his PhD thesis on Homelessness, working both on social workers in Naples, London and Birmingham and on homeless people’s biographies. His main research interests comprise social exclusion, gender (particularly referring to homosexuality), youth and the second generation of migrants.        

Sonia Perone

Research Assistant.


Prof.Antonella Spano

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