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Tallinn University of Technology

The Estonian team consists of sociologists and economists based in the School of Economics and Business Administration, Tallinn University of Technology (TUT). The team has extensive research experience in studies of institutional and individual strategies in various fields of human conduct such as city/residence/housing, labour market, education and family. The relations between individual performance and policies, involving ethnic, economic, cultural aspects have been a focus of a number of recent studies viewed in the context of fundamental societal transformation of the 20th century. The members of the research team have been involved in several national and international research and teaching projects, amongst them in FP5 “City of Tomorrow and Cultural Heritage”, project Evaluating housing and neighbourhood initiatives to improve the quality of life of deprived urban neighbourhoods and assessing their transferability across Europe, NEHOM (2000-2003).

Key scientific staff and expertise:

Professor Katrin Paadam

Professor of Sociology. Her academic interests include the theory of practice by Pierre Bourdieu, with respect to qualitative biographical research in the study of urban and housing cultures and the construction of individuals’ strategies in the field. She has acted as the research leader for EU NEHOM project and has been the main Estonian partner in a number of Nordic-Baltic interdisciplinary joint-project. She is a board member of the Estonian Union of Sociologists and current coordinator for CIB W69 ‘Housing Sociology’, has been part of European Sociological Association (ESA) activities.

Professor Kaarel Kilvits

Professor of Economics. Her recent research focus (FP6) has been on the delocalization and relocation of production and related employment policy. This expertise and a broader view on European and global economy will contribute especially to the ‘Transnational workers’ specialized group.

Liis Ojamäe

MA, completing PhD dissertation on housing values. She has been awarded MA scholarship at Constance University and PhD student scholarship at Max Planck Institute, Germany. She has participated in international research projects (FP5 NEHOM) and European Sociological Association activities. Her research experience also includes the study of Estonian youth values.

Natalia Karotom

MA, completing PhD dissertation on changing work values and nature of work. She has been studying labour market issues with a particular interest in employees’ strategies in the service sector and educational issues acute in Estonia concerning vocational training. She has acted as a local expert for Phare and Consensus projects and has been part of ESA activities.


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