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University of Magdeburg

The German team is centred in the Otto-von-Guericke-University of Magdeburg. The group consists of members of the micro sociology division of the Institute of Sociology but also of other disciplines as linguistics, history, political science and social work. In addition, other researchers located outside Magdeburg, all of them specialists in various essential aspects of the analysis of autobiographical extempore narratives, are part of the group. Most of the Magdeburg group is connected to the Zentrum für Sozialweltforschung und Methodenentwicklung (Centre for the Analysis of Social Worlds and for the Development of Research Methods, ZSM); formerly: Qualitative Bildungs-, Beratungs- und Sozialforschung (Centre for Qualitative Educational, Counselling and Social Research, ZBBS). This centre publishes the most important German language journal of qualitative research (called “Zeitschrift für Qualitative Forschung” (Journal for Qualitative Research –  ZQF, formerly ‘ZBBS’), as well as a book series on qualitative research, and it runs a Ph.D. dissertation study programme on qualitative educational and social research.

Key scientific staff and expertise:

Professor Fritz Schütze

Chair of general sociology/micro sociology at Magdeburg University. Specialist in the sociolinguistic analysis of narrative and in biography analysis.

PD Dr. Ulrike Nagel

Senior researcher and lecturer of micro sociology at Magdeburg University. Specialist in the conduct and analysis of expert interviews and in the qualitative research style of “Objective Hermeneutics”.

PD Dr. Bärbel Treichel 

Senior researcher and lecturer at Magdeburg University in Anglistic Linguistics, Micro sociology and Sociolinguistics; specialist in conversation analysis and in the sociolinguistic study of extempore narratives.  

Dr. Johannes Angermüller 

Researcher and lecturer at Magdeburg University, Division of Macro  sociology. Specialist  in discourse analysis, qualitative methods, and European studies. (In addition, fluent in  the French language as well as very knowledgeable in French traditions of  discourse analysis and of sociology in general.)

Professor Martin Dreher 

Professor of History at Magdeburg University. Specialist for research on collective identity phenomena in the ancient world, especially in Ancient Greece and the Roman World as well as on the history of European topics and of “European mentalities” in the ancient European world. (In addition, fluent in the Italian language and knowledgeable in modern Italian culture.).

Dr. Klaus Detterbeck 

Senior researcher and lecturer at the Institute of Political Science at Magdeburg University. interested in dual identities and the role of European identity formation in shaping political attitudes and action strategies.

Professor Lena Inowlocki 

Professor for methods of social research, especially qualitative research at the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt/Main. (In addition, fluent in the French language.)

Professor Werner Kallmeyer 

Just retired from his long standing position as chairman and chief researcher of the Department of Language and Society in the “Institute of the German Language” at Mannheim.  Professor of German Linguistics (first habilitation in Romanistic Linguistics). Internationally leading sociolinguist. (Also, specialist in  the study of argumentation and rhetorics. (In addition, fluent in the French language.).

Professor Gerhard Riemann  

Professor of Social Work at the Georg Simon Ohm University of Applied Sciences in Nürnberg. Specialist of qualitative research, especially biography analysis and ethnography.

Anja Schröder

Research assistant. She has used the autobiographical narrative interview in her doctoral research on the professionalization of managers.


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