Trans-national workers

Teaching English abroad

People having significant experience of working in another part of Europe will fall into this category. We aim both at economic migrant workers and professionals, whose life abroad goes beyond job-related activities. There will be people making links in the ‘host’ societies in many different ways, such as bringing the spouse and children to live with them, forming a partnership with someone in the ‘host’ country or becoming involved in local politics. We will include workers coming and leaving in a pendular way, those who decide to stay abroad as well as those who have come back to their home countries. ‘Virtual workers’ who are not geographically mobile but whose information technology work consists largely of European contacts outside their own borders will also be included in this category.

Since we are a group of researchers located in countries that either send or receive migrants, we have the potential to study trans-national workers at both ends. 


Prof. Andrzej Piotrowski

University of Lódz, Poland