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COST Events

·         Beatrice Passani “H4R and neuroinflammation: insights from mouse experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis”

·         Holger Stark “Histamine H4 receptor – ligand, binding and activation”

·         COST BM0806 Round Table – What’s new in H4 research?

·         Meeting of COST BM0806 WG1-4

·         Meeting of the MC of COST BM0806

 Dates and times will be provided in February.  

In addition, there will also be COST Oral and Poster sessions, details will also be provided in February. 

There will be a symposium hosted by COST BM1007 Action WGI "Physiological and pathophysiological importance of mast cells and basophils in health and disease" entitled:


  • Ulrich Blank “Late signaling events for histamine release by mast cells”
  • Gunnar P. Nilsson “Eicosanoids - performing lipidiomics on activated mast cells”
  • Francesca Levi-Schaffer “The allergic effector unit: mast cells - eosinophils interactions regulate the allergic response”