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Scientific Programme

The final abstract and programme  Booklet    can be downloaded by clicking on the word!!!


The Programme at a Glance



Wednesday May 2nd 2012

15.00-20.00               Registration and poster mounting at the Belfast Hilton Hotel

16.00-18.30               EHRS Council Meeting, Tower Suite

19.00-20.00               Meeting of WG1 COST BM0806, Board Room

 20.00 – onwards     Welcome reception, Lagan Suite



Thursday May 3rd 2012

8.00 -12.00              Registration and signing of COST attendance register

8.00  onwards           Poster Mounting

8.30 – 9.00              Opening Session

9.00-9.45                 Honorary Membership Ceremony

9.45-10.30               Professor Holger Stark (Frankfurt University, Germany)

“Histamine H4 receptor – ligand, binding and activation.”

– COST BM0806

10.30-11.00               Coffee break and poster viewing

11.00- 12.15              Walter Schunack Memorial Symposium

12.30 onwards         Outing


Friday May 4th 2012

8.30 – 12.00              Registration and signing of COST attendance register

8.30-9.15                   G.B. West Lecture –

Professor Peter Bradding (Leicester University, UK)

"Interactions between mast cells and structural airway cells in the pathogenesis of asthma"

9.15-11.20                 Coffee and poster session

11.20-13.05               Novel highlights on mast cell functions - COST BM1007

13.05-14.15               Lunch and meeting of WG2 COST BM0806 (Board Room)

14.15-15.15              Round Table – What’s new in H4 research? COST Action BM0806

15.15-16.00             Coffee & Poster Session

16.00-17.00             Oral Session

17.00-18.00             Oral Session  

18.00-19.15             Meeting of WG3 COST BM0806 (Board Room)

20.00                        Dinner (Lagan Suite)


Saturday May 5rd 2012

8.30 -12.00                Registration and signing of COST attendance register

8.30-9.15                   Professor M. Beatrice Passani (University of Florence, Italy)

"H4R and neuroinflammation: insights from mouse experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis"

            – COST Action BM0806

9.15-10.30               Oral Session  

10.30-11.45             Coffee & Poster session

11.45-13.00             Oral Session  

13.00-14.00             Lunch and meeting of WG4

14.00-15.15             Young Investigator Award Oral Session to include COST Action BM0806 ESR/STMS presentations

15.15-15.45             Coffee & Poster viewing of the selected posters

15.45-16.00             Dr Katherine Tiligada (University of Athens, Greece)

“Progress and limitations in H4R research”

– COST Action BM0806

16.00-17.45             General Assembly of the EHRS

18.00-19.30             Meeting of the MC COST Action BM0806 (Board Room)

20.00                        Farewell Dinner (Sonoma Restaurant, Hilton Hotel)