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Visas, Letters of Invitation


Please check if you need a visa for the UK and for the Republic of Ireland (if travelling via Dublin). Website details are given below.

 United Kingdom (Northern Ireland) Visas: www.ukvisas.gov.uk

1.    Check if you need a visa

2.    Find out how to apply

3.    Apply for Business visa (NOT Business Visa for Academic Visitors)

Apply as early as you can!


Republic of Ireland Visas (if you are travelling via Dublin or plan to visit Ireland): 



1.    Check the website above to see if you require a visa – if you are travelling to and from Dublin you will need both a visa AND a re-entry visa.

2.    You should apply for a Conference visa

3.    You must allow sufficient time for your visa application, we suggest at least 8 weeks

4.    There is currently a pilot Short-Stay Visa Waiver Programme. However, how long the pilot will run for is not known. Some visa required Nationals may not need to get a visa if they are in possession of a valid UK General visa. See: http://www.inis.gov.ie/en/INIS/Pages/WP11000005.


  Letters of Invitation

Letters of invitation may requested from EHRS2012@qub.ac.uk. 

Letters of invitation will only be issued to those who have registered for the conference. Please state whether an electronic or hard copy or both are required.

Please note that a letter of invitation does not imply any obligation, financial or otherwise, on the part of the EHRS or the organizers of the meeting.