Postgraduate Research


PhD Research in the Gibson Institute

The Institute currently has 12 recent PhD students on studentships from the ESRCDEL (CAST)TEAGASC (Walsh Fellowship)DARDISW, and EU INTERREG IVA. Research areas include, Effect of nutritional labeling on food choice in Northern Ireland, Incorporating latent attitudes in analyzing food choices, Household decision making on food choices in Northern Ireland, Household decision making on child safety on farms in Northern Ireland, Valuing forest recreation in Northern Ireland, Public willingness to pay for  animal welfare improvements, Northern Ireland dairy farmer’s production decisions in a risky agricultural world, Environmental pricing of renewable and non renewable energy sources, Integrating landscape ecology with landscape economics, Food choices obesity and time preference, The economic and environmental impacts of greenhouse gas mitigation strategy. Choice preference and physical activity behavior in Northern Ireland, Assessing the impact of  agri-environment and farm woodland schemes in Northern Ireland