The Gibson Institute is involved in numerous research with practical applications in environmental and community development. The Choice modelling research in The Gibson Institute has major applications in commercial consultancy. Our UOA 19 Impact Case Study Bayesian design improves-non-market valuation surveys. The econometric method developed since 2005 at Queens by Hutchinson Campbell, Scarpa, Longo and Boeri which is  now used worldwide in surveys to analyse consumer and public choices in relation to willingness to pay for food products, health,transport and environmental services. This method improves statistical efficiency, reduces sample requirement by one third while improving the decision process and efficiency of service providers. This Queen's developed method is now available to commercial users in major software such as JMP from SAS Corp and in Ngene from ChoicemetricsLtd Sydney. Letters of acknowledgement are available through REF2014 from software developers and commercial users including consultancies such as Accent London  and CENSOC Sydney who confirmed for REF 2014 "Designs of this type were found to greatly improve efficiency and hence require smaller sample sizes. in applied contract work that we perform for a variety of clients, such as Bose (USA), Motorola (USA and Europe), Deloitte Data Analytics (Australia), the NSW Department of Transport, The Victorian Department of Health, Lend-Lease (Australia) and many more."

Our REF Papers Submitted to UOA 19