Adrian Bauman

Research translation and scaling up – is this the “holy grail” of physical activity policy?

Adrian is a world leading public health researcher who has for over 30 years, studied chronic disease prevention and the development and assessment of prevention research methods. He is co-Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre on Physical Activity, Nutrition and Obesity. He is a world leading authority on research relating to the health consequences of physical activity, and an expert in the consequences of prolonged sitting, including as a risk factor for CV disease and diabetes. He is a committed advocate for physical activity and health and for research translation into practice to achieve population-wide impact and health equity. His research has demonstrated the need for cross-sectoral involvement from areas outside of health in physical activity promotion programs, including diverse sectors such as sports, transport and urban planning to achieve better outcomes. He has developed research methods for evaluating large community-wide public health campaigns, and has contributed to evaluating many public health social marketing and mass media campaigns.