Programme at a Glance

Draft Programme

HEPA Europe 2016, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Venue: Whitla Hall, Queen's University Belfast‌


Wednesday 28th September 2016

8:00-10:30           Registration

10:30-10:45         Conference opening

10:45-11:45         Keynote:  Adrian Bauman "What gets published in physical activity research and why it

                            seldom has an influence on policy"

11:45-12:30         EU updates session

12:45-13:45         Lunch and physical activity opportunities

13:45-15:15         Parallel and symposia session

15:15-15:45         Poster viewing session

15:45-16:45         Parallel oral presentations

17:00-18:30         HEPA Europe Working Group Session

18:30                    Welcome Reception

20:00                    Early Career Research Networking Event


Thursday 29th September 2016

07:00-08:30         activeAM - conference jog and other physical activity opportunities

09:00-10:00         Keynote: Catrine Tudor-Locke "Getting the numbers right: step counting indices

                            for practice and policy"

10:00-10:30         Early career research plenary

10:30-11:00         Poster viewing session

11:00-12:30         Parallel oral and symposia sessions

12:30-13:30         Lunch and physical activity opportunities

13:30 –15:00       Parallel and symposia sessions

15:15- 16:00        Parallel oral sessions

16:00- 16:30        Refreshments

16:30-17:30         Keynote/Public Lecture: Jennie Price "Campaigning to get women active: what does the evidence say?"

19:00                   Conference dinner


Friday 30th September 2016

09:30-10:30         Conference debate:  Hidde van der Ploeg and Melvyn Hillsdon "The emporers new

                            clothes: Is sedentary behaviour just physical inactivity by another name?"

10:30-10:45         Closing ceremony, awards and 2017 conference announcement

10:45-11:15         Refreshments

11:15-14:00         HEPA Europe Annual Meeting

14:00                    Lunch

Early Career Research Networking Event

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