About Us

About Us

The ICE-Ireland Corpus has been directed by Dr John M. Kirk (Queen’s University Belfast) j.m.kirk@qub.ac.uk.
webpage: http://www.qub.ac.uk/schools/SchoolofEnglish/Staff/StaffProfile/?sname=&ns=w56obzAodt%3D%3D

and Dr Jeffrey L. Kallen (Trinity College Dublin) jkallen@tcd.ie.
webpage: http://tcdlocalportal.tcd.ie/pls/public/staff.detail?p_unit=clcs&p_name=jkallen

Dr John Kirk

Dr John Kirk is Senior Lecturer in English and Scottish Language at Queen’s University Belfast. John participated in the meeting in Bergen in 1989 at which it was first decided to embark on the creation of an International Corpus of English, comprising some 18 national components and has been closely involved with the development of the project ever since. He is a member of the Advisory Board for the journal Corpora (EUP), editor of Corpora Galore (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2000), and author of numerous papers using ICE-Ireland data as well as more generally on corpus linguistics.

Dr Jeffrey Kallen

Dr Jeffrey Kallen is Senior Lecturer in Linguistics and Phonetics at Trinity College Dublin. Jeff has been a co-director of the ICE-Ireland Corpus Project since its earliest days in 1990. He is a member of the Advisory Board of English World-Wide, a former editor of Teanga, and the author of numerous papers using ICE-Ireland data.

Research Assistants

From 2001-2005, the ICE-Ireland project had two AHRC-funded, post-doctoral research positions which were held by Dr Orla Lowry and Ms Anne Rooney. During this period, Margaret Mannion worked on the ICE-Ireland Corpus as an editorial assistant. In 2005, the project was assisted by Joel Wallenberg, a graduate student in linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania.

Research Professor

During 2007-08, the project had a Research Professorship, which was held by Prof. Markku Filppula, of the University of Joensuu, Finland.