The Ireland Component of the International Corpus of English (ICE-Ireland) makes available an unprecedented resource. It provides 300 transcribed spoken texts in 15 different discourse situations, ranging from casual Face-to-Face and Telephone conversation to Parliamentary Debates and Legal Cross-Examinations. This range thus covers formal and informal discourse situations and involves a total of 945 speakers. It also makes available 200 written texts from 17 published and unpublished domains. Each spoken and written text category contains equal numbers of texts from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, so that the corpus provides a unique cross-border data resource, of a kind and on a scale never before made available for linguistic research on present-day Irish English.

ICE Text Categories, Number of Texts in each Category, and Text IDs

SPOKEN (300)
Dialogue (180)
Private (100)
Face to face conversations (90)S1A-001–S1A-090
Telephone conversations (10)S1A-091–S1A-100
Public (80)
Classroom discussions (20)S1B-001–S1B-020
Broadcast discussions (20)S1B-021–S1B-040
Broadcast interviews (10)S1B-041–S1B-050
Parliamentary debates (10)S1B-051–S1B-060
Legal cross-examinations (10)S1B-061–S1B-070
Business transactions (10)S1B-071–S1B-080
Monologue (120)
Unscripted (70)
Spontaneous commentaries (20)S2A-001–S2A-020
Unscripted speeches (30)S2A-021–S2A-050
Demonstrations (10)S2A-051–S2A-060
Legal presentations (10)S2A-061–S2A-070
Scripted (50)
Broadcast news (20)S2B-001–S2B-020
Broadcast talks (20)S2B-021–S2B-040
Scripted speeches (10)S2B-041–S2B-050
Non-printed (50)
Student essaysW1A-001–W1A-010
Examination essaysW1A-011–W1A-020
Social lettersW1B-001–W1B-015
Business lettersW1B-016–W1B-030
Printed (150)
Informational Writing (100)
Academic (40)
    Learned humanitiesW2A-001–W2A-010
    Learned social sciencesW2A-011–W2A-020
    Learned natural sciencesW2A-021–W2A-030
    Learned technologyW2A-031–W2A-040
Popular (40)
    Popular humanitiesW2B-001–W2B-010
    Popular social sciencesW2B-011–W2B-020
    Popular natural sciencesW2B-021–W2B-030
    Popular technologyW2B-031–W2B-040
Press reports (20)
    Press newsW2C-001–W2C-020
Instructional Writing (20)
Administrative prose (10)W2D-001–W2D-010
Skills and hobbies (10)W2D-011–W2D-020
Persuasive Writing (10)
Press editorialsW2E-001–W2E-010
Creative Writing (20)
Prose FictionW2F-001–W2F-020

ICE Text Categories, Text IDs, Text Category Codes, and Total Number of Words in each Category

Text categoryText-idCodeWords
Spoken Texts
Broadcast discussionS1B-021 to S1B-040BRD42,632
Broadcast interviewS1B-041 to S1B-050BRI20,931
Broadcast newsS2B-001 to S2B-020BRN40,579
Broadcast talksS2B-021 to S2B-040BRT40,964
Business transactionsS1B-071 to S1B-080BUT21,447
Classroom discussionS1B-001 to S1B-020CLD43,345
DemonstrationsS2A-051 to S2A-060DEM22,069
Face to face conversationS1A-001 to S1A-090FTF210,540
Legal cross-examinationS1B-061 to S1B-070LEC20,013
Legal presentationsS2A-061 to S2A-070LEP21,110
Parliamentary debateS1B-051 to S1B-060PAD22,390
Scripted speechesS2B-041 to S2B-050SCS20,468
Spontaneous commentaryS2A-001 to S2A-020SPC43,028
Telephone conversationS1A-091 to S1A-100TEC20,673
Unscripted speechesS2A-021 to S2A-050UNS62,777
All ICE all spoken total652,966
Administrative proseW2D-001 to W2D-010ADP21,328
Business lettersW1B-016 to W1B-030BUL30,224
Creative writingW2F-001 to W2F-020CRW44,947
Examination essaysW1A-011 to W1A-020EXM21,088
Learned humanitiesW2A-001 to W2A-010LEH21,437
Learned natural sciencesW2A-021 to W2A-030LEN20,822
Learned social sciencesW2A-011 to W2A-020LES21,530
Learned technologyW2A-031 to W2A-040LET21,124
Popular humanitiesW2B-001 to W2B-010POH21,111
Popular natural sciencesW2B-021 to W2B-030PON20,591
Popular social sciencesW2B-011 to W2B-020POS22,203
Popular technologyW2B-031 to W2B-040POT20,865
Press editorialsW2E-001 to W2E-010PRE20,693
Press newsW2C-001 to W2C-020PRN43,362
Skills and hobbiesW2D-011 to W2D-020SKH22,758
Social lettersW1B-001 to W1B-015SOL31,792
Student essaysW1A-001 to W1A-010STE20,934
All ICE all written total426,809
Grand total1,079,775