The International Corpus of English

The International Corpus of English comprises a collection of text samples from the speech and writing of users of English from some 18 countries around the world where English is used as a mother tongue or as an official language. As a data resource, the corpus enables researchers to study the relationship between national standard varieties of English and the development of English as a world language. Each national ICE corpus comprises a database of 300 transcriptions of spoken language and 200 written text excerpts. Each text used in the ICE corpus (spoken or written) is approximately 2000 words long; the total size of each national corpus is approximately one million words. At the instigation of the late Sidney Greenbaum at the Survey of English Usage at University College London, ICE protocols have come to provide an internationally valid methodology for defining speakers of standard English, for collecting materials in a wide range of spoken and written genres, and for analysing corpora which result from data collection and transcription.