About Us

The purpose of the conference is to foster collegial and educational exchange on the topic of thinking, the development of thinking, and the relationship between thinking and action. 


'Thinking' is broadly understood to include any kind of thinking and learning and to acknowledge cultural, psychological, historical and interdisciplinary diversity and richness.  Contributions from different disciplines, from researchers, practitioners and policy-makers are welcome.

The conference will bring together leading thinkers, researchers and practitioners to debate and discuss the nature of high quality thinking - how it can be cultivated and valued in education, in business, for healthy living, for sport and leisure, for sustainability, and for working and living in a democratic and just society.

The conference will be of interest to those working in education, business, health sciences, the arts, sports, government, and community development.

The major themes of the conference are:

  • Education for Thinking:  for the school system and for higher education, critical thinking, creative thinking, deep understanding, thoughtfulness.
  • Thinking for Democracy:  shared thinking, dialogical thinking, ethical thinking, post-conflict thinking, negotiation skills and conflict resolution, states of mind, peace education.
  • Thinking in Sport:  the mental and motivational side of sport, changing actions through thinking.
  • Thinking in Healthy Living:  intentions and actions, changing actions through thinking.
  • Thinking in Business:  creativity and innovation, entrepreneurial-type thinking, risk taking.
  • Thinking in Arts: design and creativity, composition, thinking and performance.