Call for Papers

Call for Papers and Contributions:  

The programme will be structured in the following ways:

1 Keynote, plenary and featured speakers (by invitation) (60 mins)

2  Symposia consist of a group of paper presentations organised around a theme, presented to an audience.   Symposia should have an identified chairperson and a discussant (optional)  (90 mins)

3  Peer reviewed individual paper presentations where the papers presented to the audience are based on a comprehensive piece of completed research, using quantitative, qualitative or action research methodologies (30 mins)

4  Individual paper presentations where the papers presented to the audience describe or discuss approaches, theoretical observations, controversial topics, projects, applications and so on  (30 mins)

5  Workshops where the participants engage in activities structured by the workshop leader(s)  (90 mins)

6  Poster presentations are based on completed/ongoing projects, research, applications or approaches and presented through a self-explanatory visual display designed to attract attention.   Posters should give a brief overview of the work and be designed to initiate discussion.  Posters will be organised into poster sessions (30 mins)    Guidance for producing posters (dimensions) will be circulated. 

7  Roundtables (sometimes called Forums)

A roundtable provides an opportunity for participants to interact with question/answer exchanges and discussions on a given topic.    It can involve a single presenter or a panel of presenters who stimulate and guide the discussion.  Audience participation is a key feature (60 mins)

All papers and other contributions must submit a 150 word abstract.