Conference Programme

15th Interntational Conference on Thinking 2011

Full conference programme now available.  Please click here for full details (please note, content is still subject to alteration)



Diane Halpern (critical thinking)

Bob Swartz (infusion of creative and critical thinking across the curriculum)

Philip Adey (cognitive acceleration  - CASE and CAME)

Bill Lucas (parental involvement in developing chidren's thinking)


Edward de Bono (Lateral thinking and creativity)

Art Costa (Habits of Mind)

Margaret Carr (thinking in the early years)

James Nottingham (entrepreneurial thinking)

 (and other thinking in business themes)


Aidan Moran (thinking in sport) 

Guy Claxton (Building Learning Power)

Lane Clark (Thinking and Learning)

Karin Morrison (Visible Thinking and School Development)

Bob Swartz (infusion and causal thinking)

(and other thinking in sport themes)


Gabriel Salomon (peace education)

Brandon Hamber (conflict resolution)

David Perkins (trust and citizenship

Rose Hipkins (thinking in science)

Anna Craft (creativity)

(and other symposia related to the Thinking for Democracy theme)

Friday (half-day)

David Perkins  (visible thinking, fast and slow thinking , intuition)

David Leat (thinking pedagogy and school development)

Rebecca Reagan (thinking and writing)