Applying for a Job


Thank you for your interest in applying for opportunities at Queens University Belfast. We appreciate the effort required to complete an application so we would like to give you some tips and guidance:

The University is committed to recruiting the highest calibre of staff in all categories who best meet the requirements of the post and to contribute to the attainment of its core objectives ensuring fair and equitable selection.

Review the job description and selection criteria in detail to ensure you have the skills, knowledge and experience.

Your application is an opportunity to demonstrate you meet the criteria to our Selection Panel and you should be progressed to the next stage of the process. Our Selection Panel can only base their decision on the information you have provided. We often receive high volumes of applications so please spend time reviewing the structure, content, your skills and experience before submitting an application.

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Please ensure that your CV is updated, including education, employment history and any other relevant qualifications or experience. Highlight the skills and experience that are relevant to opportunity and tailor your CV accordingly. As our Panel will shortlist on the criteria please ensure you tailor your CV accordingly and avoid sending a generic copy.

You might find some guidance on preparing a CV useful. This material is intended for our students and might not be relevant for all our positions. 

Cover Letter - Review each of the required criteria and compose statements containing evidence you meet as many of the skills, credentials, knowledge and experiences listed as possible.  
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Structure your application to clearly state how you meet the criteria and explain briefly how your skills and experience match these requirements. You might want to list the criteria individually before uploading an application.

Make sure you give evidence that you have the qualifications, skills and experience. You will need to demonstrate you have met the criteria so please do not list or state you have the required experience this will need to be demonstrated in your application. 


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If invited to interview, please confirm promptly if you can attend. Let us know if you need any reasonable adjustments.

Preparation is key, spend time reviewing the job and person specifications as we are likely to ask a series of questions based on the selection criteria.

Also it might be useful to find out more about the University Structure.  

Think of questions you would like to ask us, job specific or across the wider University. It’s not compulsory but it give you the opportunity to find out more about us. Interviews are a two-way process so this is your chance to find out if this is a place you’d enjoy working.


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Normally applicants invited to interview, who are travelling from outside Northern Ireland, are entitled to claim reasonable expenses for travel, if you require accommodation please confirm at invitation to interview as the University will arrange this for you.


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Unfortunately, there’s a lot of competition for opportunities at the University so not everyone will be successful. 

Due to the high volume of applications received, the University is unable to provide individual feedback on why applications have been unsuccessful at shortlist.

We encourage you to request feedback from your interview, as this will help with any future applications or interviews.



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Congratulations and we would be delighted if you decide to start or further your career with the University. 


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