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Moving to a new country can be expensive and setting up new financial arrangements complex. The following information covers the financial essentials that you will need to consider.

Queen's is not able to offer financial advice or guidance.  It is recommended you seek your own independent Financial Advice.

The following websites may useful:

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Relocation Expenses

The University offers generous relocation expenses.  New staff moving to Queen’s from outside Northern Ireland may be eligible for Relocation Expenses depending on their contract. Eligibility requirements are outlined in the Relocation Expenses Policy.

Expense Amount 

If you are a permanent member of staff, who meets the eligibility requirements, you can claim £1,000 plus 20% of the basic annual starting salary. This is increased to £2,000 plus 20% of basic annual starting salary, if you have moved to Northern Ireland from outside of the EU. If you are a temporary member of staff, who meets the eligibility requirements, the amount that you can claim is one month’s basic annual starting salary for those with contracts of up to 3 years. Those with contracts of 3 years or more will be entitled to 20% of their basic annual starting salary, with an additional £1,000 for all employees relocating from outside the EU.


Allowable expenditure of Relocation Expenses includes: home removal, legal and professional fees associated with purchase of new or sale of old accommodation, transport of belongings, travel and subsistence relating to the relocation, temporary accommodation, purchase of domestic goods and visa fees. There are a number of items however, that are "ineligible" relocation expenses, details of which are available in the Relocation Expenses Policy.


Payment will be made only upon receipt of fully completed appropriate documentation (Relocation Expenses Claim Form) which is accompanied by valid receipts.  Payment will be processed in the monthly payroll only.  

If you have any queries relating to Relocation Expenses contact Ms Dympna Stewart, Tax Accountant.

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Salary Payment

Salaries are normally be paid on the last banking day of the month into your bank account. Visit the Salaries website for further information.

Salaries are competitive in the UK University sector and the Northern Ireland market. The University operates salary scales which provide incremental progression and is committed to rewarding staff whose performance is considered to be at an outstanding level, operating schemes which allow those who provide excellent contribution to be rewarded.

A salary sacrifice scheme is operated for childcare, pensions and cycle to work payments. As a member of the scheme, the amount of earnings on which you pay tax and national insurance is reduced by the values of salary sacrificed for these benefits, thus increasing your take home pay.

National Insurance Number

To work in the UK you will require a National Insurance Number (NI No). If you do not have a National Insurance Number you will need to request one as soon as possible from the Social Security Agency (SSA).  Call 0345 600 0643 to make an appointment with the Social Security Agency to apply for your National Insurance Number. Note: the application process can only be started once you arrive at Queen’s.

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Bank Account

Setting up a new bank account can be challenging and it is recommended that staff moving to work at Queen’s check with their existing bank to see if they have a relationship with a bank that has a presence in Northern Ireland to see if it can help you with setting up an account. It is recommended that you contact the bank and make an appointment to set up your account checking in advance what documentation is required to enable you to open an account. Typically the documents you need are outlined below:

  • Photographic ID
  • Evidence of your UK address (e.g. your tenancy agreement). Where you do not have this, the HR Business Partner assisting with your appointment can issue you with a letter for your chosen bank, to confirm your employment status and temporary address.
  • Proof of employment (e.g. your letter of appointment)

The main Northern Ireland Banks are situated close to the University, along University Road, and include: Ulster Bank, Santander (located in the Students Union), Danske Bank, Bank of Ireland and First Trust.

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All staff have access to a generous occupational pension. The pension scheme to which you are eligible depends on your grade. Your employment contract will confirm which pension you are eligible to join.  New employees are automatically enrolled into the relevant pension scheme. Visit the Pensions website or contact the Pensions Office for more details

Information about the schemes is readily available from the pension’s team and appointments may be made for personal meetings by contacting Ciara Clearn, Pensions Assistant.

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Employee Benefits

All staff have access to a range of Employee Benefits. The benefits are categorised under a number of key areas including: Pay and Reward, Work Life Balance, Employee Wellbeing and Staff Development. Full details are available here.

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Cost of Living

Belfast offers excellent value for money and was listed by as the second most reasonably priced university town in the UK in 2016, when comparing items such as rent, public transport and food. Websites such as provide cost of living comparison information with many international locations.

Perks Card

All staff are provided with a Perks Directory containing many discounts for shopping, meals, social activities and hotel accommodation.