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Learning and Development


Learning and Development is responsible for enhancing the quality of leadership and management, supporting development of our research staff, ensuring that employees have the learning and development tools to support their career and personal development. A full programme of training events are run by Learning and Development each year. You can browse the training programme to identify courses relevant to you and your role.

Training And Development Opportunities

Staff Development

Promotion, while not a right, is a legitimate aspiration for every member of staff and this aspiration is fostered by developing individuals’ careers through regular appraisal and the provision of development opportunities. A range of training opportunities are provided to all staff by our Learning and Development Team, to help develop individuals and achieve University goals.

Postgraduate Qualification in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

The course is designed for recently appointed lecturers and teaching fellows with limited experience of teaching in higher education; more experienced staff wishing to refresh and build upon their teaching skills; research staff with teaching responsibilities. This course leads to a postgraduate qualification in teaching and learning in higher education and has obtained accreditation by the Higher Education Academy. The overall aim of the course is to help participants to develop their knowledge and skills in teaching and learning in higher education and to encourage them to reflect on their professional practice.

Successful achievement of the Postgraduate Qualification in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (PGCHET) is a requirement for academic promotion from Lecturer Grades Ac2 to Ac3.

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The University is committed to developing all staff and to delivering high quality service. The appraisal process is used to support the achievement of these aims. Individual objectives, linked to the corporate objectives, are set at the start of the annual appraisal cycle. Your manager will meet with you on an annual basis to discuss your performance against the set objectives. This process also provides you with the opportunity to identify training and career development plans. Visit the  Human Resources Website to get full details on the Appraisal Process at Queen's.