TOPS, Strathclyde

TOPS, Strathclyde, UK

The Strathclyde Terahertz to Optical Pulse Source (TOPS) provides high power few-cycle visible and near-infrared laser sources (femtosecond pulses of TW peak power), together with sub-cycle electromagnetic pulses in the far infrared (terahertz spectral region). The sources are available to for use by both the academic community and commercial industry. 

It is planned to couple the high power (30 TW) laser beam, developed for the ALPHA-X project, to a new target station for investigations of laser-driven ion acceleration and fast electron transport studies in dense plasma. Laser pulses with duration equal to 35 fs will be delivered at repetition rates up to 10 Hz, to a peak intensity on-target exceeding 1019 Wcm-2. The new target station will be used for studies relating to several of the LIBRA work packages. A shielded area and an operational laser plasma wakefield with associated beam line and diagnostics is being used to investigate hard X-ray sources for the LIBRA project.