Taranis, QUB

TARANIS laser Facility, QUB, UK

Researchers from Centre for Plasma Physics at Queen's University Belfast have received a major £2M grant to build a high power laser at the university.   The versatile laser system, TARANIS (Terawatt Apparatus for Relativistic and Nonlinear Interdisciplinary Science) - named after the European Celtic god of thunder and lightning, is capable of delivering a range of intense laser pulses, in various combinations, to a suite of target chambers where exciting and world-leading experiments involving laser-plasma interactions can be carried out in extreme conditions.  Synchronised laser beams of nanosecond (10-9 s, or one thousandth of one millionth of a second), picosecond (10-12 s) and femtosecond (10-15 s) durations are available to enable studies of very transient, short lived phenomena.  With the short pulses the peak intesity on target will reach in excess of 10-19 W/cm2