Languages For All

Here at Queen's we have a wide range of language services to offer to all of our students. Competition for employment and research funding is perhaps more fierce now than it has ever been.  Learning a new language, and discovering new cultures, is a great way to develop a set of dynamic and practical skills which can help to demonstrate personal strengths which invariably stand out from the crowd in this competitive market.

‘Employers are always looking for people with language skills.  If you speak one or more language, even if not fluently then research shows that your brain is already more flexible and better at many important tasks than that of someone who only speaks one language’

Languages for the Future
The Northern Ireland Language Strategy, The Dept. of Education ‌

The Language Centre

The Language Centre is committed to providing language and cultural awareness courses to all students, regardless of their chosen degree pathway. With over 20 languages on offer at various levels, whether you’d like to take up Mandarin Chinese so you can keep up with the world’s fastest growing economy, brush up on your German, after having studied it to GCSE, or maybe an Erasmus placement to Italy has caught your eye, the language centre can accommodate everyone. 

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Language & Cultural Awareness Courses

All students are encouraged to make the most of language courses offered here at Queen’s:

Degree Plus Programme                                                    

There is also the option to have your language study accredited through the degree plus programme.

Courses available for Degree Plus accreditation at the Language Centre include;

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The photo used here is 'Erasmus Togerther,' taken by Anthony Gallagher during his year abroad in Port d'Andratx, Mallorca.